Erik Klemme grew up in Colorado and started skiing at the age of two. From the age of seven to high school, he was a competitive swimmer, springboard diver, tennis player and avid skier. Erik was definitely headed in a different direction. Then as a varsity freshman in both swimming and diving, his coaches told him that he had to give up skiing for their sports. The choice was easy for him. He was going to ski.

Outside in the ever-changing snow environment, making multiple choices in multiple disciplines, Erik felt truly free. He was soon consumed with the passion of free skiing, racing, traveling, then teaching and coaching. His last amateur season he raced at the U.S. Alpine Championships in Crested Butte and fell in love with the town. And Crested Butte has been Erik’s home for 21 years.

After 45 years of chasing the snow around the world, skiing, racing, backcountry guiding and coaching, he still feels the passion and hopes to pass it on to our younger generations.

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