Every Kid in CB Should be on Nordic Skis

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A special thank you to Molly Susla, Head Coach/Program Director, Crested Butte Nordic Team, for this article.

1. They get to ski for free

At CB Nordic, we provide free rental equipment and passes to all kids 17 and under, all the time. Where else can you get your kids on skis for free?

2. They can ski after school

There’s no time to go on the mountain after school but its easy to get over to the Nordic Center and to be on skis just 20 minutes after school is out. By spending more time on skis throughout the week, your kids will become better at Nordic and even improve their Alpine skiing through general fitness and agility.

3. We’ll teach them for you

The Crested Butte Nordic Team offers one day to four day a week programming for ages 5 to 18 for the winter months in Crested Butte. Our offerings are the most affordable Nordic based programs in the state.

4. They come home tired

Whether its an interval session on the biggest hills, a powder ski in two feet of fresh snow, or game of Foxes and Hounds, your kid is sure to come home tired after a fun afternoon doing the toughest sport there is (don’t tell them that).

5. It’s all about fun

Tough or not, we encourage learning through play. We learn skills with games like ski soccer. We go on adventure skis to places the kids have never been. All of this is done outside, on skis, with friends, and an awesome coach.

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