Born in Germany and raised in Connecticut, Stevie was never especially passionate about any sports. She played soccer, which she wasn’t great at, joined indoor track team in the winter and in the spring, she played on the girl’s golf team. Her family would take weekly trips to Vermont and annual trips to Colorado, however she seemed to like the ski resort’s french fries and burgers more than the snow.

After graduating from high school in Connecticut, she ventured west to attend Colorado College, where running on trails seemed to help keep the “freshman 15” off, but it wasn’t until she moved to Crested Butte, Colorado after college, that she really fell in love with running up and down mountains. Three years into her move to CB, she competed in her first trail race with her favorite pair of lacrosse shorts and an oversized t-shirt. After that, she started realizing how much fun it was to be outside in the mountains and on trails.

The racing continued, but she soon realized there had to be an alternative to running for snowy, winter months. She started noticing people go uphill with their skis on. After further exploration into this, she found some skins that worked on her telemark skis, and starting finding the happiness of going uphill. Before long, she splurged on a pair of lightweight randonee skis, boots and bindings and found herself going a bit faster uphill, and having a great time doing it! This passion led to winter ski mountaineering races. Now she was a happy-go-lucky year round mountain athlete and loved every second of it!

Stevie was interested in the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation because she wanted to share her passion of winter sports with athletes of all levels and abilities. She wants to see everyone whose desire to be part of any snow sport, achieve their dream and goal, and being part of the Foundation does just that.

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