Will Shoemaker hails from the Midwest, where snow was infrequent and ski hills were built on piles of trash. Nevertheless, he got a taste of downhill skiing and snowboarding through annual trips with family to the Rocky Mountains, and he was hooked. Will moved to the Gunnison Valley after high school primarily to ski. Having not had the opportunity to ski regularly in Indiana farm country where Will was raised, it is important for him to see that every kid in the Gunnison Valley, who is interested in participating in snow sports, has the opportunity to do so. 

Today, Will spends the majority of his time on snow in the backcountry, and yearns to see the opportunity extended to local kids in a safe way through support for backcountry-based initiatives for youth sustained by organizations such as CBSF. Will also is an advocate for youth participation in athletics of all forms, and understands the value that organized competition offers in raising healthy, motivated people who are passionate about preserving the heritage of snow sports. 

Will has been the editor of the Gunnison Country Times newspaper since 2011 and a CBSF board member since March 2015.

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